Welcome to DLSH! (pronounced dee-lish)

We’re excited to welcome you to our delicious market where you can discover scrumptious goods from food crafters all around the world.

We are Chris and Chelsea, a couple who loves farmers market style foods. The inspiration for this website came from our moving across the country with the military. With each move, we loved finding new foods and flavors, but also really missed the local goods and farmers markets that we frequented! We created this marketplace with that in mind – for when you get that irresistible craving for that sweet honey from Colorado or those fried peach pies from Tennessee!

We support local food crafters and farmers by providing them a marketplace to share their wholesome goods. There are many regional, local, and national laws involving food commerce. Our vendors are responsible for following all laws and regulations that apply to their geographic locations.

We’re so excited to have you on board, and we can’t wait for you to share in all of the deliciousness that this community has to offer!

Chris and Chelsea

P.S. We welcome your feedback! Please contact chelsea@dlsh.com or chris@dlsh.com for any and all ideas and recommendations.