Pacific Beach CinnaYum Peanut Butter Spread

Pacific Beach CinnaYum Peanut Butter Spread


Considered our “morning” favorite, this spreadalumpshissness is best enjoyed with an english muffin, toast, oatmeal, bagel, or the obvious spoon choice! But don’t hesitate to flirt with ice cream later in the day. 🙂

12 oz jar

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Made with only the best tasting ingredients, Pacific Beach Peanut Butter creates Organic Valencia Peanut Butters and Flavored Peanut Butter Spreads in the yummiest flavors. Our entire product line is gluten free. Full of protein and minerals, our healthy Peanut Butter has fewer calories than most other peanut and almond butters.

Not smooth, not crunchy – we call it smunchy! You’ll actually taste the fine-textured particles of real peanuts!

It’s a great start to your day on waffles and pancakes! Our Gourmet Flavored Peanut Butter Spreads add a touch of sweetness to your morning english muffin, oatmeal or midnight snack! Our Peanut Butters are so delicious you’ll want to eat them right from the jar! Wanna Spoon?


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